Online Administration

The EM2 Online System

In addition to the paper-based materials available through this website, the EM2 Project developed an online assessment system to administer the diagnostic assessments, store student and classroom level data, and create reports during the diagnostic assessment development and validation process.

This system was created on the Instructure Canvas open source learning management system and it can be hosted on a local server or a third-party service such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The source code is located at The files needed to bring up an instance of the platform include the Amazon AMI image, a database dump, and associated data files.

The system was coded by the small business Atomic Jolt. They are open to working with interested school systems to install and support this open source system. Find out more at the Atomic Jolt EM2 project page.

The following system support resources are available for download:

What do students need to do to take an EM2 assessment online?

Students need to have access to a computer or mobile device with a web browser, live access to the Internet, and a student login.

As a teacher, how do I see the results of the assessments?

When teachers are added to the EM2 online administration and reporting system, they are provided a teacher login. This login provides teachers with access to set up and administer assessments to their classes. As students take the assessments, the results are automatically saved into the system and are associated with their class based on their login id. Teachers can monitor the assessments as they are being administered as well as view the full report after the assessment is completed